Restaurant Gorinchem
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Our Vision

If we say an Eat & drunkenness it means for us that we no restaurant, but no cafeteria. We are both a little and we finally have therefore to do that you, as host, should enjoy all the food and drink we serve.

If the Dutch weather here does not allow to sit outside, you can reach us right. The modest size of our opportunity quickly appears a cozy atmosphere, where fun can be eaten and drunk.

It is when eating tapas, the specialty of 't Oude Stadt Huys, the most pleasant times smaller quantities per order. You eat less at once and you're also longer than the table, as usual in the countries bordering the Mediterranean. As a pleasant side to you while eating all the time with each other to exchange ideas. This last makes eating tapas in a cozy affair.

In other words, if you join us you can eat good food and drink in a cozy atmosphere.